Conservatories and Orangeries

Classic roof system

The Classic roof system is the industry’s most successful conservatory roof and it has been tried, tested and trusted by quality installation companies, for over 16 years. One in every two conservatories built during this time has featured an Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof…. that’s over ONE MILLION Classic roofs installed on UK conservatories. All conservatories are exposed to the elements and must continue to perform day in day out, giving their owners a trouble free space that they can enjoy, at any time of the year. Whatever style, shape, or size of conservatory the homeowner is looking for, whether a glass or polycarbonate roof is to be used, a steep or shallow pitch is required and whatever extreme UK weather needs to be taken into consideration, the Classic roof system can handle it.

Liv In Room

The Livin room uses the well proven Ultraframe Classic Glazed Roof at its heart and then adds an engineered framing system internally which is plastered to give a perimeter ceiling all the way round. This creates something that is neither conservatory nor extension. It combines all the benefits of the former in terms of light and then fuses this with the solidity and feel of an extension. This effect can be played up or down depending on whether glazed walls or masonry walls are specified. All of this can be achieved at a price point not dissimilar to that of a standard conservatory.


A bespoke solution to adding light and space to your home The Orangery is a new take on the traditional atrium-style conservatory, brought up to date with the very latest technology.This stunning building floods the adjoining rooms with light, whilst the interior height of the Orangery creates a feeling of grandeur that is sure to appeal to the discerning homeowner. Whilst based on traditional building technologies, an Orangery adds a touch of contemporary flair to any home and bridges the gap between a conservatory and an extension. It provides a touch more privacy than a conservatory due to the brick pillars which distinguish this style.The interior height of the Orangery roof provides a breathtaking focal point through which light floods into your home, and allows for breathtaking views of the sky above.The light, bright and airy interior will add a new dimension to your home and provide a seamless link between your home and garden.

Glass Options

Glass is a major part of the conservatory structure and has a direct influence on performance and appearance. Our preferred glazing option is Ambience Glass, which helps keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter and it also contributes to lower heating bills. Ambience is available in a number of different options with various tints, which help reduce the glare on sunny days. Glass is also good for soundproofing, on for rainy days or even hailstorms. The Ambience range includes Ambi-Aqua, Ambi-Blue, Ambi-Neutral, Ambi-bronze and Ambi-Satin Privacy glass roof options

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