FULLY Reversible Windows

Our new FRW sets new standards in weather performance and U-values, and its security is as good as it gets.

The benefits of Fully Reversible Windows are obvious where window cleaning isn’t simple or accessible as in a ground or first floor home. Easy cleaning isn’t the only benefit though – infinite levels of ventilation are available thanks to a fully rotating glazing panel, window blinds can be fitted in the reveal and are therefore not affected by the windows being opened or cleaned. Given a wide range of colour and finish options, inside and out if required, you can complement both your exterior and interior design schemes.

Delivering Exceptional Quality

Offering no compromise on looks or performance, these revolutionary windows offer unhindered access to both sides of the glazing. When closed, the windows delivery exceptional weather resistance and energy efficiency. Exterior sounds that penetrate your property, such as traffic noise, can be significantly reduced, while warmth remains inside your home, potentially leading to lower energy bills.

Key Features

  • Entire window can be turned back on itself for easy cleaning, while protecting your blinds and curtains
  • Ideal for externally inaccessible windows, with built in two stage restriction
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Strong and secure
  • High-security locking
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide range of colours and glazing options

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